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The Sacrament of Holy Orders

Our Lord calls some men to share in his priestly service and anoints them with the Sacrament of Holy Orders. If God has placed in your heart a desire for priesthood or religious life, do not take this lightly! Carefully examine where it is coming from and what it could mean. If you experience a calling to Priesthood, Religious Life, or Permanent Diaconate, seek out guidance and support so that you will be able to generously follow Our Lord.

This video displayed here touches on some of the important aspects of Holy Orders.

Religious Vocation for Women

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Our Lord calls some women to follow him as a religious nun or sister. This beautiful vocation leads to a deep spiritual union with Our Lord as a young woman on the day of her final profession becomes a 'bride of Christ'. All women who sense that God may be calling them to love Him and serve Him in this way should seek out guidance and spiritual direction.

This video offers one perspective religious life for women.

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