Our Pastor


Dear Parishioners,


My Dear Friends, as you know, Bishop Crosby has appointed me a Pastor at St. Michael’s Parish in Waterloo and a Chaplain at St. John Paul II Student Centre. Fr Arpee Urquico has been appointed an Administrator of St. Margaret Mary Parish, effective November 25, 2020. 

I am amazed at how time flies.  One year and five months have passed since I first came to St. Margaret Mary for my assignment as a Pastor. As I look at those days, I realize that God has answered the deepest desire of my heart, namely, to show me the beauty of following His Son, the High-Priest. 

But such a gift did not come because of my effort; rather, the Lord has chosen to bless me with a Parish Community that reflects the truth of the Gospel in their lives. Thank you for creating such a beautiful community of people of deep faith. I am also grateful to Fr. Arpee for his fraternity, and faithful service to the Parish. 

May the Lord bless each of you and your families abundantly for your dedication to St. Margaret Mary Parish and for embracing all priests with trust and love. 


Pax Christi,

Fr. Pawel Jamroz



St. Margaret Mary Parish is a spiritual home to our Catholic Family rooted in faith.

We gather in worship and prayer to form a vibrant and welcoming community. Filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we offer support, growth, and guidance with love and respect.

Our call is to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and to be a beacon of light and hope for our world by modelling our lives on Gospel values.


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