Our Pastor


March 20, 2020


Dear Parishioners,


With Masses and other parish liturgies cancelled many people feel removed from one of the most comforting and meaningful parts of their lives - the Mass and the Eucharist. Let us remember that the church is not a building but the community. Let us remember that each of us is still part of the community of St. Margaret Mary Parish.


Bishop Crosby has offered all Catholics in our Diocese a dispensation from attending Sunday Mass for the duration of the suspension of services. On our website you can find links to televised Masses on the National Catholic Broadcasting Council. We continue to publish online bulletin and recorded homilies for each Sunday. Very shortly we will start streaming and recording our Masses. 


Remember that your pastor, your associate pastor, deacon, and many other parishioners pray for you. Please be assured that your pastor and associate pastor each day celebrate Masses for your intentions as requested, for your family, and all in need. 

Please inform us of any people who may have special needs. Many parishioners have contacted us offering their help. 

Let us unite ourselves with God and each other in prayer and random act of kindness.  

Pax Christi,


Fr. Pawel Jamroz

Fr. Arpee Urquico





Born and raised in Poland, Fr. Pawel Jamroz graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow and worked as a teacher and journalist. Inspired by St. John Paul II, he discovered his vocation by meeting wonderful and dedicated priests. The most influential for him was his professor Rev. Joseph Tischner, a charismatic Polish priest and philosopher. 

Fr. Jamroz accomplished his theological studies at St. Peter’s Seminary, London, and was ordained to the presbyterate on May 6, 2017. He holds MA in literature, MPhil, MDiv, and MTS. He has served two years as an Associate Pastor at Blessed Sacrament Church in Kitchener.

In his priestly ministry his desire is to assist people in their searching for hope and meaning. He likes to joke that he doesn’t have favorite saints as he says (with a smile) “I prefer sinners.” 



St. Margaret Mary Parish is a spiritual home to our Catholic Family rooted in faith.

We gather in worship and prayer to form a vibrant and welcoming community. Filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we offer support, growth, and guidance with love and respect.

Our call is to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and to be a beacon of light and hope for our world by modelling our lives on Gospel values.


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