Former Pastors: Fr. Sanvido Mass and Reception Recap

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

It was a wonderful Wednesday evening...

Wednesday March 30, 2016

Father Don has not lost his touch for making you feel inspired and comforted by his easy-going yet wise words. His wry sense of humour drew many smiles and caused much laughter.  It was another fine turnout as we heard Father recount his days as both Pastor and Associate Pastor.

Again, much appreciation to all who contributed to this joyful event including those in a liturgical ministry, the Knights who stood as honour guard, greeters, and the reception team (Roena and Joe Scozzaro, Pat Lowartz, Kim Drotar and Connie Bardati). Anniversary drawings by the school children were on view in the Hearth Room for everyone's enjoyment.

See more photos from Former Pastors: Mass with Fr. Sanvido, Mar. 30, 2016.


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