Former Pastors: Fr. Sherlock Mass and Reception Recap

Wednesday, April 28th, 2016

It was another excellent Wednesday evening...

Father Sherlock was in fine form Wednesday, celebrating Mass and recounting his most happy days as a teacher, "professor" (inside joke) and priest in Hamilton. One only had to hear his laugh during the reception to know that he was having a great time.

Father felt as though he were "coming home". He recalled when Mass was celebrated in Latin and noted that people either followed it in English in their prayer books or said the Rosary. Describing the time after Vatican II as a "transformation", Father Sherlock no longer preached a sermon without connecting it to the scheduled scripture readings for that particular Mass. Fast-forward to today, Father is exhilarated by Pope Francis'  focus on the message of Jesus: a message to the world that is thirsty for truth.

A few comments from parishioners that night:

  • fond memories of his quoting from Christian (not necessarily Catholic) writers in his homilies

  • his laughter

  • his "humanness" and intelligence

  • impressed at this visit by his being present in the church and narthex before Mass to greet people, admitting that he wouldn’t remember everyone’s name, but certainly recalling the faces.

Many thanks to all who contributed to this joyful event including those in a liturgical ministry, the Knights who stood as honour guard, greeters, and the reception team (Betty Ann Simon, Anne MacDonald, Rose Del Grosso, Rose Dalisay, Angela Sebastiani and Mickey Pracsovics). Anniversary drawings by the school children were on view in the Hearth Room for everyone's enjoyment.

For your viewing pleasure (and downloading if you like!), photos of the Mass and Reception have been posted to an album.

Click here to see photos from the Mass and Reception.


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