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Baptism & RCIA

Baptism for Children​

Baptism is the first sacrament of initiation into the faith. We encourage parents to prepare for their child's baptism even before the child is born. The path to Baptism for your child may involve a meeting with someone from the pastoral team. For all parents, there is preparation work to be made at home, a get together at the parish to discuss this further, and the Baptism itself.

Baptism for Adults
(and RCIA for Baptized Christians seeking to enter the Catholic Church)

We welcome everyone to join us and share the treasures that Our Lord has left to us in the Catholic Church. If you would like to meet with the pastor or a parishioner to discuss what we believe and why and we believe it or to see what the process would look like for you to become Catholic, please click the link below to send a brief email.

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