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Social Media

Find us on Apps and Online

We share information in the weekly bulletin, and put posters up in the narthex at the church. Social Media is another way to find out instantly what is a happening around the Parish and stay connected. 

By clicking the Logo of one of the social media apps it will redirect you to St. Margaret Mary's Page on that Social Media Platform. These logos are available to click at the top and bottom of every page of our website and below on this page. 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter


The Facebook logo is blue and white, but sometimes it will appear as a full word or just the shape of the "f" in white, black or blue.


The Instagram logo is a simplified version of a camera and it usually has purple, pink and yellow as the main colours but can also be white or black. 


The YouTube logo is a "PLAY" button (like on your remote control) cut out of a rounded rectangle and it is usually red and white.


The Twitter logo is a bird chirping (tweeting) while in flight and it is usually white and light blue.

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